2017 Enduro Rules


  1. Any American or Foreign Street Car
  2. 2 Wheel Drive Cars only—No All Wheel Drive
  3. Doors must be welded or chained shut
  4. No Trucks (mini-vans ok) *
  5.  DOT Tires Only—No chains or studded tires
  6. No Racing Parts
  7. Working Seatbelts and Approved Helmets mandatory—Racing belts recommended
  8. All glass is to be removed including headlights and turn signals (windshields optional)
  9. No bars through the Fire wall ( 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch rub rails tight to body ok )
  10. No reinforced front ends or rear ends * Roll bars Optional but highly recommended
  11. Trunk must be empty—no add on weight
  12. Sun roofs and T-tops must be securely covered by no less than 3/16th inch steel
  13. A Two foot hole must be cut in hood for fire fighting.


Contact Information:


Speedway Office:  716-791-3602


Speedway email:  raceransomvillespeedway@aol.com