All Time Modified Champions


A tremendously popular driver known for his trademark "Bugs Bunny" number 16, Jeno Begolo has the distinction of winning the first Championships at both Ransomville and Lancaster Speedways.  Jeno also captured Championships at Merrittville and Humberstone Speedways.  Jeno retired in 1978 to oversee his son Jimmy's successful career.

Jeno Begolo - 1958

George Winger - 1959

Over the years, there have been a select few that have been able win the Ransomville Speedway Modified championship.  George Winger captured the Championship in 1959.  George was a great runner at both Ransomville and Merrittville Speedways.  In addition to being the first Ransomville Champion, George is also a member of the Merrittville Hall of fame.    
Ken Meahl was also a tremendous competitor on both sides of the bridge, winning the Ransomville Championship in 1960 and in 1966.  Ken was also a great competitor on asphalt as well

Ken Meahl - 1960,1966


Chuck Richardson  -  1961, 1963

The 1961 and 1963 Ransomville Modified Champion was Chuck Richardson.  As is the case with most Ransomville Champions, Chuck also was a great racer at Merrittville.

An unbelievable racer, Ed Ortiz won races and championships at nearly every race track he raced.

The original Ransomville Speedway was built behind his service garage during the mid-1950's, in order to keep the kids from racing on village streets.

In 1958, the Ransomville Speedway you see now was opened by a group called the Ransomville Slo-Pokes.

In 1962, Ed was able to come home with the Ransomville Championship.  Ed returned in 1998 to run in the Pro Stock class.  In true Ed Ortiz fashion, Ed was able to claim a feature win.  Ed is also a member of the FOAR Score Hall of Fame.

Ed Ortiz - 1962

Sandy MacPherson - 1964

A heavy machine operator by trade, Sandy Mac Pherson could also muscle a car around the track.  Sandy won the Ransomville Championship in 1964 and was also a Champion at Merrittville Speedway.

Hughie Tripp picked up the Ransomville Championship in 1965.  Hughie was a great runner in his day at Merrittville, Ransomville, and Humberstone.  You can still see Hughie's car restored in all of it's glory and running with the Canadian Historical Society.

Hugh Tripp - 1965

Chuck Boos - 1967

A A true racer, Chuck Boos was a champion on both asphalt and dirt tracks.
Never one to be a fleshy or aggressive driver, he always found himself near the front of the pack when the race ended. Chuck's basic approach to racing was always an inspiration to those he raced against and beat.
Always one to lend-a-hand, he was never afraid to give young drivers some tips on how to better themselves on the racing surface.  Chuck was able to capture the Ransomville Championship in 1967.
Today, Chuck can be seen at the local tracks observing the action and talking about the days when he was at the top of his game. 

Certainly one of the more successful driver turned racing promoters in the northeast.  Driving for celebrated car owners such as Ray Stevens, Bill Willard, Gil Bruss, and Terry Edwards, Stan took the Modified Championship at Ransomville in 1968.

After retiring from racing in the early 1970's, Stan took over the helm at Merrittville and Ransomville Speedways.  To this day, Stan operates Ransomville.

Stan Friesen - 1968

Jerry Hanson - 1969

In what has to be the highlight of his career, Jerry Hansen was able to pull off the Ransomville Championship in 1969.  Driving his trademark number 14, Jerry would not be the first driver to have success with that number!
Driving the familiar Mallory number 20, Terry Edwards was able to win the Ransomville Championship in 1970.  Terry was an awesome runner at Merrittville Speedway as well.  Terry's greatest claim to fame though has to be winning the inaugural race at Rolling Wheels Speedway in 1969.

Terry Edwards -1970

Ivan Little - 1971

Always a popular runner, known for his gorgeous cars with flames and black trim, Drivin' Ivan Little claimed the Ransomville Championship in 1971.  Ivan also claimed championships at Merrittville in 1966 and 1971.  
Another runner from North of the border, Mike Zajac was one of the top runners at Ransomville and Merrittville in the late 60's and early 70's.  Mike was the last of an era that ushered in the new guard at Ransomville Speedway.

Mike Zajac - 1972

Davey Moore - 1973,1977,1978,1979,1981

Certainly one of the top drivers ever in the Niagara Frontier, Davey Moore was able to capture the championship at Ransomville a total of 5 times.  Known for his signature number 6, Davey was certainly a trailblazer who was always a threat to win.  Davey also has over 100 Merrittville Speedway wins to his credit.  Davey's last win at Ransomville came in 1993 aboard the Mike Maroney number 6.  Davey is a legend and is also a member of the FOAR Score Hall of Fame as well as the Merrittville Hall of Fame.

Arguably the greatest combined asphalt/dirt racer ever, Merv Treichler from Sanborn picked up the Ransomville Championship in 1974.  Included on Merv's resume are wins at the Race of Champions, Daytona, and 2 wins at Super DIRT Week in Syracuse.  Merv also picked up numerous championships at Lancaster.  Merv is a member of the FOAR Score and the DIRT Hall of Fame.


Merv Treichler - 1974

Gary Iulg - 1975,1976

Another great Sanborn driver, Gary Iulg was the man to beat in dirt racing during the mid 1970's.  Gary was also a very accomplished driver on asphalt as well.  Whether it be in asphalt modifieds, super modifieds, sprint cars, or dirt modifieds, Gary Iulg could always be expected to contend for the win.

Truly a pioneer in the sport, Pete Bicknell's accomplishments are truly too numerous to mention.  With over 350 career feature wins, Pete has been a fixture and a force on the Niagara Frontier racing scene for almost 30 years.  Between Humberstone, Merrittville, and Ransomville Speedways alone, Pete has over 30 championships!  This is in addition to his remarkable 5 Small Block crowns at Super Dirt Week.  Pete has also become one of the premier car builders in dirt modified racing.  This insures that Pete's legacy will live on long after he hangs up his helmet.

Pete Bicknell - 1980,1988,1990,1991,1992,1998,1999,2002,2004,

2005, 2008, 2012, 2013

Charlie Rudolph - 1982,1986

Another dirt/asphalt crossover star, Charlie Rudolph won 2 Ransomville Championships in 1982 and 1986.  Charlie also won numerous Lancaster Speedway Championships.  Charlie's biggest claim to fame though lies in the fact that he ran Winston Cup for a period of time.  A future Hall of Famer, Charlie now oversees his son Erick's budding career.


Probably one of the most deserving Champions at Ransomville, Don McGinnis ran Modified for 20 years before winning the Ransomville crown.  Prior to moving up to Modified, Don was arguably the best Late Model around, amassing 6 championships between Ransomville, Merrittville, and Humberstone Speedways.  In 1973 a Don won 28 Late Model Features alone!  Don moved up to Modifieds and was a consistent top five runner, often running against much higher budgeted teams.  Don came close in 1983, just getting beat out for the Canandaigua championship by Alan Johnson.  Don's greatest success though, came in the early 1990's, when he hooked up with car owner Pete Cosco to drive the number 17c.  1994 proved to be magical when Don was able to pull off the Ransomville Championship.   In addition to his Ransomville Championship, Don also won 3 All Canadian Championships at Humberstone, the 1989 Tri-Track Driver of the year, and numerous Late Model, Big Block Modified, Small Block Modified, and Sportsman features.  



Don McGinnis - 1994

Joe Plazek - 1996

Continuing a long line of popular Canadian drivers, "Canada Joe" Plazek actually had to share his only Championship with Danny Johnson.  This was the only tie in Ransomville Modified history.  Joe was a great runner on the DIRT circuit, amassing 11 Small Block wins, and 68 Big Block wins.  Joe now races on the popular CASCAR circuit. 
One half of the greatest brother combo in DIRT racing, AJ Slideways, Alan Johnson is truly a DIRT legend, winning over 400 career feature wins and 5 Ransomville Championships. Alan is still one of the premier drivers on the DIRT circuit, whether it be in a Big Block or a Small Block.  Alan has also been a dominant force at the Alex Friesen Summer Nationals, winning five of these prized races.

Alan Johnson - 1983,1984,1985,1993,1997


Danny Johnson - 1987,1989,1995,1996,2000,2001, 2003, 2014

The Doctor, Danny Johnson is one of Ransomville's most popular runners of all time.  Known for his signature high groove passes out of turn four, you can be sure that there will never be a dull moment with the Doctor on the track.  Like his brother, Alan Johnson, Danny is also a DIRT legend who has also accumulated over 400 career feature wins.  With 8 Ransomville Championships, Danny only trails Pete Bicknell in the hunt for most career Ransomville Championships. 
After many years of trying, Todd Burley joins a short list of driver's who have a Lancaster and Ransomville Championship under their belt.  Todd has a great list of accomplishments that includes Sportsman Championships, as well as Utica Rome Championships.  After 2 straight years of leading the points into late August, Todd was able to fend of the persistent challenges of Pete Bicknell to secure his 1st Ransomville Championship. 


Todd Burley  -   2006, 2007, 2009, 2010


2015, 2016, 2017 Champion  -  Ryan Susice

Chad Brachmann -   2011






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