Van Raine Construction Novice Sportsman Rules

1.     Cars will operate under 2016 DIRT Sportsman rules.  Novice drivers will still be allowed to use the old style rev box with the proper chip!

2.     Novice competitors may also use 2014 DIRT Sportsman tires.

3.     Optional open motor at 5800 chip and 2650 lbs.

4.     94 Maximum Octane Standard Pump Gasoline, and VP D-98 will be the only fuels allowed.

5.      First time rookie competitors in the Novice Sportsman class who move up to the DIRT Sportsman class after July 11th 2016 will still retain their Rookie of the Year status in the DIRT Sportsman class for 2017.

6.      Four Bangers and Street Stocks will be allowed and encouraged to run the Novice Sportsman class on the same night as their regular class.

7.     Special awards will be handed out at the end of year banquet for the top  Novice Sportsman drivers with their best eight finishes based off of the DIRT 60 point system.

8.     If a car is entered in both DIRT Sportsman and Novice Sportsman class with two different drivers, the car will be subject to an additional $25 entry fee.

9.      The Novice Sportsman class is not mandatory for new Sportsman competitors. Rookies who feel that they are ready for the DIRT Sportsman class are more than welcome to start in the DIRT Sportsman class.

10.      In the event that track management deems a competitor over competitive, the track reserves the right to request that he or she moves up to the DIRT Sportsman class.

11.     Drivers who have drove Sportsman in the past who have struggled are allowed to move back down to compete.

12.     The feature winner from the previous week will start no higher than 10th for the next week.  If feature winners wins two in a row, the driver will start tail in the next feature.  Final evening will be time trials with a heads up start after heats.  Previous weeks winner will not have to start 10th.  (Rev. after printing of 2016 rulebook.)

13.      Novice cars with 6 wins in the season will be mandated to move up to the Regular DIRT Sportsman.

14.      The 2016 Champion will be required to move up to Regular DIRT Sportsman for the 2017 season.



Investor's Services Sportsman Rules

Current 2016 DIRT Sportsman rules will apply

1.      94 Maximum Octane Standard Pump Gasoline, and VP D-98 will be the only fuels allowed. 

2.      AMB Transponders will be used and be mandatory in 2016!



Krown Under Coating 358 Modified Rules

Current 2016 DIRT 358 Modified rules will apply

1       Tires will be DIRT D300 or D400.  D200 Left Front Option.

2       AMB Transponders will be used and be mandatory in 2016!



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